YSRCP Protests In Support Of The Poor

Ananthapuram: YSRCP leaders held a protest against the TDP Government at Uravakonda for
depriving the poor of their well-being. They held this protest in support of the
deserving beneficiaries of rice supply with Antyodaya cards against the cut off
happening in the supply.

Speaking on this occasion, YSRCP MPTC Vijay
Kumar stated that every beneficiary should get 35 KGs of rice through Antyodaya
card but only 15 KGs of rice was being issued. He questioned how the poor could
live if the amount of rice they deserved was being cut off. Along with the
victims, they took the issue to the notice of the tehsildar. The officials
promised to solve the problem in a month of time. YSRCP minority wing leaders
Khadar Basha and Jilan participated in the protest among others.

 ఇదే వార్తాంశం తెలుగులో:   http://goo.gl/wv6Npt

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