YSRCP Protests hike in charges

Hyderabad: YSRCP protested hike in RTC Charges.
The party released press statement on this.

The party is severely opposing the hike and
demanding that the increased charges be immediately reduced. The party
expressed hike in charges is a deliberate cruel act. The party condemned that despite
international crude oil prices falling almost by fifty percent increasing the
charges will burden the passengers. In Andhra Pradesh 22.5% VAT plus additional
tax of Rs.4 are levied on diesel, by this the Chandrababu government is helping
the prices of basic commodities shoot up abruptly. Instead of aiding the loss
stuck RTC putting additional burden on the people is a ruthless act. The party
felt that increasing charges by Rs.20 to Rs.30 per ticket on Express, Deluxe
and also including ‘Palle Velugu’ buses frequently used by villagers is a vicious

After coming into powerChandrababu is following his previous methods
which made the existence of RTC doubtful. In his nine year rule he increased
RTC charges five times causing severe trouble to the public. He levied taxes on
RTC haphazardly pushing it into bankruptcy. He is again doing the same thing.
If the private transport is eliminated and the VAT on diesel is waived off,
without increasing the charges RTC can come out of the losses. The party warned
the government to face the wrath of the public if it does not withdraw the hike
in charges immediately.

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