YSRCP observes State Formation Day

Hyderabad, Nov 1: YSR Congress has celebrated the State Formation Day at the Party headquarters here on Saturday and criticized the foolhardiness of the TDP Government in changing the historic date without any valid reason.

“Due respect should be given to the historic facts and Andhra Pradesh along with other states was formed on November 1 on linguistic basis. I see no reason as to why Chandrababu Naidu should shift the date to June 2.

Giving due respects to the sentiments of Telugu people we are celebrating the Day as we revere history and the great people who made the state of Andhra Pradesh a reality,” Party President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy said at the State Formation Day function.

There have been precedents and history is very clear that Madhya Pradesh, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh are observing November 1 as the State Formation Day even as new states of Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Uttarakhand respectively were carved out of them.

The new States thus emerged are having their own Formation Day. “It is logical for Telangana to observe June 2 as State Formation Day as it was the 29th state formed on that date while Andhra Pradesh remains the same which has come into being on November 1.

Telangana was carved out of Andhra Pradesh is the historic fact which cannot be denied. There is no valid reason as to why the date should be changed and TDP cabinet decision to change the date is beyond any reasonable comprehension,” he said.

Chandrababu Naidu should change his mindset and stick to the original date of State Formation or else we will revert back to the date of November 1 as the state formation day after we come to power. The State has come into being as a result of many sacrifices and as an integrationist Party, we against the change of date, he said.
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