YSRCP to observe April 14 as Save Constitution Day

Hyderabad: Condemning the way parliamentary democracy has been mocked by the Centre and State governments, YSR Congress has said that it would observe April 14 Ambedkar Jayanthi as Save Constitution Day and protest at Ambedkar statues across the state. 

Speaking to reporters here on Thursday, party senior leader Bhumana Karunakar Reddy said, the way Chandababu Naidu has been carrying out undemocratic activities for the past four years in the state and the Centre failing to fulfil the assurance given in the Parliament about Special Category Status (SCS) is condemnable and in protest against such distortions we will observe the Save Democracy Day on Ambedkar Jayanthi.

Chandrababu has been resorting to unconstitutional activities during the past four years and has bought 23 opposition MLAs and inducted four of them into the cabinet as well which is highly condemnable and goes against the spirit of democracy.

He has subverted democracy and mocked the constitutional spirit on numerous occasions despite boasting that he is the most experienced politician. His experience was useful only in mocking the constitution and evading the SCS for four years and jumping the bandwagon in the last lap to stake undue claim. 

He has harassed all sections of people and the farmers bore the brunt and in the capital area region they were subjected to various discriminations, he said. 

He failed to fulfil even a single poll promise of the 600 assurances he had given and has been changing tunes to suit his personal agenda. 

BJP government which has numbers did not put in enough measures to bring the Lok Sabha to order and enable to bring up the no confidence motion on Special Category Status (SCS) for discussion. We condemn this and the fast of BJP in the name of Save Democracy is a farce, he said. 

They are in a position to solve problems and not to create them, he said. 

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