YSRCP MPs Will Resign If It Demands

  • Strong movement for
    special category status
  • United effort for the
  • Chandrababu’s corruption
  • MPs will resign if
  • People’s verdict will be
    an eye-opener
  • Fight for special status
    at various levels

Hyderabad: The leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan proclaimed
that the fight for special category status would be consolidated further. In
order to raise awareness among the NRIs regarding the issue, along with senior
journalist Kommineni Srinivasa rao, he discussed many issues through video
interaction from the party’s central office in Hyderabad.

First YS Jagan explained
about the importance of special category status. He also slammed Chandrababu’s
deception in the matter. He commented that the state had been divided
irregularly and with Hyderabad not being divided, people of AP had to lose 98%
percentage of the companies. He reminded that 70% of the production industries
were in Hyderabad. YS Jagan remarked that we need special status in order to
competitively attain the state of the art infrastructure. Mentioning the discounts
possible through the status, he called for further consolidation of fight for
its achievement.

YS Jagan made it clear
that YSRCP’s MPs would resign if needed, in order to achieve the status for the
state. Proclaiming they would join hands with anybody in the struggle for
special status, he slammed Chandrababu for thanking and welcoming Arun Jaitley’s
announcement of special package, thus slaughtering the hopes for the grant of
special status.

Here is what he spoke
during the online interaction with NRIs.  

  • There
    is no bigger liar than Chandrababu.
  • Nobody
    can manipulate systems in India as Chandrababu does.
  • When
    Telangana has been achieved, it is not impossible to achieve special category
  • Struggle
    will find solution in democracy.
  • He
    boasted about his doing MA and PhD. Then why is nobody calling him “Dr.Chandrababu”?
  • We
    have also seen him say things like he invented the cell phone.
  • Everyone
    knows how good his English is.
  • Chandrababu
    welcomed Arun Jaitley’s announcement, wonder how far he could understand it!
  • Announcement
    was made about special package in Legislative Council and the centre was
    thanked for it.
  • Polavaramproject’s
    regulations were irregularly altered.
  • The
    system should change. People should confront the leaders.
  • How
    long we live does not matter; it is how we live that matters.
  • The
    centre clearly said that not much is being done for Polavaram either.
  • Chandrababu’s
    Government is trying to continue the same contractor unjustly, in spite of
    Polavaram authority’s will and pleas.
  • Chandrababu
    is not bothering about the contractor’s inefficiency.
  • Instead
    of bringing pressure on the centre in the direction of sanctioning the status,
    Chandrababu is diverting the topic.
  • Employment
    opportunities for the youth will improve only with the advent of new industries.
  • Industrial
    discounts will be possible only if special status is given.
  • Industrialists
    will come forward to invest if discounts are given.
  • If
    CM and cabinet ministers deceive people, who else can help?
  • We
    all can see the written form of announcement made by Arun Jaitley.
  • Chandrababu
    is jumping with joy for what Arun Jaitley dropped into our hands.
  • Chandrababu
    is delighted even if special status has been drowned.

  • We
    will join hands with anybody who wants to fight for the status, like we did
    with people’s organisations and communists.
  • Chandrababu
    was caught red-handed in Cash for Vote case. He is satisfied with whatever the
    state gives the state, as long as he is not pulled into the court for
  • Every
    agitation for the status is becoming successful due to unity.
  • We
    will raise cognizance among people with our agitations. Our aim is to achieve
    the status.
  • Special
    status is an elixir.
  • Chandrababu
    and Venkaiah Naidu who have suggested at the time of the state’s bifurcation
    and promised at the time of elections for sanction of special status to AP for
    10 and 15 years respectively have changed their word now.
  • TDP
    and BJP will collapse due to their behaviour in the matter of special status just
    like Congress Party that collapsed in AP due to the decision taken by UPA
    Government regarding bifurcation of the state.
  • Only
    the PM has the power to sanction special category status.
  • The
    14th Finance Commission never objected to the idea of sanction of
    special status. Letter written by its member Abhijit Sen clearly proves it.
  • PM
    gave Jammu & Kashmir that is already enjoying special status, a special
    package of Rs.80,000 crore. Does that mean it does not have special status?
  • In
    2019, definitely coalition Government will be formed in the centre. No party is
    going to get 280 seats. If we win 22-23 seats, we can demand the centre.
  • Vinukonda
    MLA established a company in Himachal Pradesh that has special status. How can
    this be explained?
  • Due
    to the benefits offered by the special category status, industrialists themselves
    will come forward to invest.
  • Listening
    to Arun Jaitley’s announcement, nobody would want to thank him.
  • The
    funds supposed to be sanctioned to the state are being given with a different name.

  • Chandrababu
    is sidetracking everybody’s attention in the matter of capital city.
  • Good
    quality crop lands have been snatched from farmers with false statements.
  • Swiss
    Challenge system is being used to pass time.
  • Why
    are the 20 MLAs who joined TDP after defecting YSRCP, not being asked to
  • Questioning
    Chandrababu’s corruption is leading to counterblaming about hindering
  • There
    is 972 km coastal corridor in AP.
  • Special
    category status seems to be set aside.
  • Our
    youth is well-educated and talented. They all will be benefited from the
  • Do
    not lose courage. Fight with determination will yield the status.
  • Chandrababu
    is posing obstacles to or fight.
  • Let
    us fight in spite of resistance from the centre and Chandrababu.
  • Support
    from every one of you is needed for this movement.
  • Relentless
    fight will definitely make it possible.
  • Actually,
    it is Chandrababu who has to fight and achieve the status by bringing pressure
    through withdrawing his ministers from the union Government.
  • But
    his dormancy is provoking us to fight.
  • Rulers
    are getting habitual of lying at the time of elections and neglecting people

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