YSRCP MPs protests for the special status at parliament

NewDelhi: The YSRCP MLAs organized
protests at the Gandhi Statue in Parliament premises. Under the guidance of the
YSRCP Parliamentary party Leader, Mekapati Rajamohan Reddy, protests were
carried in the Loksabha.

The MPs demanded that the assurance for
the special status given in the parliament has to be considered and taken
forward. The MPs clearly stated that it is not about the five years or ten
years but the special status declaration for the State has been spoken by the
BJP party at that point of time. So, the words have to be implemented and the
promise cannot be withdrawn. It should be taken ahead like the partition of the
States which were not taken back by any circumstances, said the MPs

They claimed that it is against the
ideology of Parliament and it is the Central government's responsibility to guarantee
the implementation of the promise. The MPs bruised in anger on this issue as it
is almost 18 months by now the State has been formed but there is no way shown
for the special status by the Centre. They demeaned that the government should
declare the special status immediately based on the appeal. Stating this point
the leaders of the YSRCP stated that the Party President, YS Jagan has struggled
hard for the special status by several movements and indefinite hunger strike
too. The MPs of YSRCP made it clear that the YSRCP will not keep quiet until
the Special status is achieved. 

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