YSRCP MPs Get Ready To Quit Posts

In a step forward, YSR Congress Party MPs are set to quit their posts for special status to Andhra Pradesh.  Soon after the adjournment of the Parliament,  all the MPs- Mekapati Raja Mohan Reddy,  YV Subba Reddy,  Varaprasad,  Avinash Reddy and Midhun Reddy signed on the resignation letters drafted in speaker format. 
The  resignation letters will be submitted to Lok Sabha Secretary General shortly. The MPs were unhappy on the centre for not taking up debate on no confidence motion moved by the YSR Congress Party for 8 times.  In a bid to avoid  the no trust motion,  the BJP led NDA   colluded with AIADMK and was stalling the house. 
While the YSR Congress MPs decided to relinquish thier posts to the cause of Andhra people,  the TDP MPs sincerity needs to be ascertained.  Whether the TDP MPs follow YSR Congress  and sacrifice their posts will be known shortly.  
People already realised Chandrababu Naidu’s double standards and his conspiracy to weaken the struggle for special status launched by YSR Congress Party President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy.  The TDP Chief will be exposed thoroughly if he back tracked on special status to protect himself from the  graft cases pending against him.
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