YSRCP MP slams Chandrababu

Senior YSRCP Leader and Tirupati MP, Varaprasad Rao cited Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu's threat to the Nayee Brahmin community  and his warning to them as a latest instance of the chief minister's arrogance towards BCs, SCs and STs. He recalled how Chandrababu had insulted Dalits by questioning as to who wishes to be born as an SC. Similarly, when fishermen reminded him of his election promise stating that they would be included into the SC/ST categories, he threatened them saying I will finish you.

Varaprasad recalled that in asking for the implementation of minimum wages, Nayee Brahmins had not made any extraordinary demand. As a former IAS officer, who had served in the government as Labour Commissioner, he said that the onus lies with the government when it comes to implementing minimum wages. It is unbecoming of a chief minister to speak disparagingly of the backward communities and threaten them in the way that Chandrababu did. The YSRCP MP pointed out that TDP ministers were no different. Aadi Narayan Reddy had also exhibited similar arrogance while Varla Ramaiah, a former police officer called a Dalit by his caste and the chief minister did not so much as reprimand him for his despicable behaviour. It is clear that the TDP wants votes of BCs, SCs and STs but is not interested in their welfare. Varaprasad added that it has never occured to Chandrababu Naidu as to why SCs, STs and BCs are in a miserable state everywhere. The thought of empowering them did not cross his mind, he said.

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