YSRCP MLA House Arrested

Dachepalli (Guntur): YSRCP  MLA  Pinnelli  Ramakrishna  Reddy  was  house arrested  by the police as he set out  to join the discussion forum happening at  Dachepalli  regarding  the corruption that had taken place  in  the Krishna pushkaram works. The yellow party resorted to this degraded act out of fear for exposure of its corruption.
In light of TDP's MLA of Gurajala, Yarapatineni, challenging that he would resign if his corruption was proven, Pinnelli took up the challenge and got ready to expose the facts. The police were sent to prevent the MLA from coming outside to attend the forum. The police are also taking into custody the YSRCP leaders from Piduguralla, Dachepalli and Macharla, who are trying to attend the forum.

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