YSRCP members suspended from the assembly

Hyderabad: The Government had YSRCP members suspended for demanding CBI inquiry on the TDP land scams of capital city. As soon as minister Yanamala suggested, the speaker passed resolution for the suspension. Whenever the leader of opposition YS Jagan spoke about the land mafia of the capital city, Chandrababu tried to promote his ministers to sideline the discussion.

 YS Jagan remarked that the land scam of the capital city was a worse criminal act than insider trading. He demanded the Government for CBI inquiry on this. Not only did Chandrababu deny the inquiry, but also questioned what was wrong in buying lands out of arrogance given by his power. YSRCP stuck to its demand for CBI inquiry on the deception of poor farmers by the Government with the name of capital city construction.

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