YSRCP to meet Prez to keep State united

Hyderabad, Jan 31, 2014:
Buoyed by Assembly passing the resolution rejecting the AP State Reorganisation
Bill by voice vote, YSR Congress Party has said it will take the battle to
Delhi and meet the President Pranab Mukharjee to reiterate the need for keeping
the state united.

“Very soon YS Jagan Mohan
Reddy will lead a Party delegation to Delhi and meet the President seeking his
intervention in rejecting the Bill and keeping the state united,” Party
Honorary President YS Vijayamma told reporters here on Thursday.

“We will go to polls in a
united State and the Party will get a decisive mandate as YSR Congress was the
only Party which has taken the stand to keep the state integrated while other
parties had ambiguity and have deceived people through their words and deeds.

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy will
lead the Party to a thumping win in the next elections and bring back the
golden era of YSR, who was always in favour of a united and strong state for
easy delivery of development and welfare activities,” she said adding that the
Party respects the sentiments of Telangana as well and is in favour of all
round development which was shown in practice by YSR.

“When people who do not and
cannot understand the Telugu idiom and the sentiments of the locals want to sit
in judgment and divide the state, we have been in the forefront in the fight
for a united state and will continue to do so.

Both Chief Minister and TDP
leader N Chandrababu Naidu are equally responsible for things coming to such a
pass as they could not read the situation between the lines, or it could be by
design as well. While Kiran Kumar Reddy had all the time been boasting of
turning the tide, he did cooperate with the high command in allowing the Bill
to be tabled and has send all the required data to the Centre without a
semblance of fight.

Chadrababu Naidu on the
other hand had been maintaining double standards and has been encouraging his
party members from both regions to speak out while he maintained stoic silence.

Waking up from the slumber,
Chief Minister moved a resolution and the leader of opposition joined him in
telling that there are many loopholes in the draft Bill. Why they were silent
so long was not explained and their quixotic behavior is well exposed before
the eyes of nation.

YSR Congress on the other
hand has reacted ahead of the Congress decision to split the State and
requested members cutting across party lines to join them, but they did not
react and casted aspirations on us which today boomeranged on them.

We left no stone unturned
and have taken up every form of agitation to keep the state united and will
pursue the cause with the same spirit and vigour. Our Party MPs and MLAs have
resigned much before the CWC decision, Party President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy and
I have undertaken fast, the cadre held dharnas and we have given adjournment
notices in the assembly every day besides unofficial resolution which was
considered by the Speaker at last.

We have written letters to
all concerned, knocked at the doors of President, Governor, Chief Minister and
Speaker to convene the assembly and pass a resolution in favour of a united

This apart YS Jagan Mohan
Reddy had successfully taken up the issue on a national level by meeting
leaders of national and regional parties and put forth his contention that
there is need to amend article 3 which can be misused by any Party which has
272 members in the Parliament and convinced them that the Andhra Pradesh is being
bifurcated for political reasons as 70 % of the people are against the

While we were undertaking
such constructive programmes, Chief Minister was busy in preparing roadmaps,
getting clearances for the Bill from all departments in 17 hours and forcing
the APNGOs to call of the strike which was at its peak and Chandrababu Naidu
was speaking in terms of packages for the would-be state instead of resisting
Sonia Gandhi’s move to split the state to see her son as Prime Minister, she

“Our efforts have paid off
as people have toed our line and in the coming days, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy will
lead the Party to a thumping victory in the next elections in a united State,”
she said.

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