YSRCP Leaders Protest For Water

YSR Congress Party urban president Kuppam Prasad demanded the leaders and
the officials to take action preventing the problem of the scarcity of drinking
water before it affects the people during summer. He expressed his concern
regarding the indifference towards the pleas for the alleviation of the issue.
He complained that people had to walk for kilometers to buy drinking water. He
questioned the local officials about the situation of the poor who could not
buy water.

The leaders
and the officials of YSR Congress Party held a protest along with local people on
the road demanding action for the prevention of drinking water scarcity in
Ongole. Kuppam Prasad remarked that neither officials nor public
representatives of Ongole were concerned with this problem. He slammed the
Government for not being able to provide at least drinking water to the people.

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