YSRCP leaders demands CBI probe in Vizag scam

If the Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu has guts, he should order for CBI enquiry into Visakha land scam, said YSRCP MLA Chintala Ramachandra Reddy. Addressing a press conference in Peeleru, Reddy challenged the Chief Minister to prove his and his cabinet ministers innocence in Visakha land scam, if he believes that no minister is involved in the scam. 
If he is as immune to corruption as he claims, why he is hesitating to order for CBI probe, Reddy pointed. He said SIT can’t do justice and added that SIT constituted by the Chief Minister is just tool in his hands to wrap up the scam.
Ruling TDP leaders including the Chief Minister are shivering like anything to hear Jaganmohan Reddy name. Stating it (Visakha scam) the biggest scam in the country, Reddy said that in the last three years there was no development worth its name in the state except in corruption.  
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