YSRCP denied its right to raise people's voice

Hyderabad, Aug 24, 2014: Criticising the way Assembly proceedings are
being conducted, YSR Congress has said the main opposition is being denied its
right to raise the voice of the people.  

“The assembly proceedings are being conducted in a one-sided
manner with the Chair siding with the treasury benches and denying mike to the
main opposition party,” YSRCP MLAs K Rajanna Dora and K Sanjeevaiah told
reporters here on Sunday.  

The Speaker has been behaving like a TDP legislator and not in
accordance with the august position he holds. When the TDP ministers and MLAs
are targeting the Leader of Opposition and are going overboard, he is mum and
takes no action nor expunges the unsavoury remarks from the record.  

On the other hand, he asks the opposition Leader and members to
withdraw the remarks at the slightest impatience from the treasury benches,
which is not in the true spirit of parliamentary democracy, they said.  

When the law and order issue comes up for debate, TDP contingent
resorts to baseless allegations and speak out of the context which the Speaker
allows but denies mike to the leader of Opposition which is against the
established practice of the assembly proceedings.  

As main opposition, we have the right to raise issues of public
interest and if our voice is scuttled, it is only by design as we have been
consistently questioning the loan waiver issue for which TDP Government has no
answer, they said.  

“We urge the Speaker to be impartial and conduct the House proceedings
as per the norms and give us due importance as we are taking up issues of
public importance while the treasury benches are wasting the time of the House
by irrelevant and baseless remarks,” they said. 

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