YSRCP demands whitepaper on Chandrababu foreign trips

Hyderabad: Demanding a white paper on the expenditure of Chandrababu Naidus foreign trips during his term in office and the resultant investments that have flown in, YSR Congress has said that the Chief Minister was using the trips for self-promotion at the cost of public money.

Speaking to reporters here on Tuesday, party Spokesperson Bathula Brahmananda Reddy said, the Chief Minister had visited foreign countries on 17 occasions in his term so far, he had used chartered flights and his entourage has been a big contingent but there has been no positive and tangible response in terms of inflow of capital, setting up of industries or employment creation.

The Partnership Summits and Entrepreneurs meetings too ended as a publicity affair with numerous MoUs being signed and no further progress being made. It seems that Chandrababu Naidu has been going to foreign nations only to stash away the ill-gotten cash and has been taking green horn Lokesh in tow as a trainee to learn the nuances of the money laundering exercise.

The two CII summits ended up with tall claims of Rs 4.97 lakh crores investment and over 10 lakh jobs in 2016 and Rs 10.54 lakh crore investment and 22 lakh jobs in 2017 which served as a big publicity event while not a single industry was set up nor did any employment opportunity generated.

When our Party MP and National General Secretary, V Vijaysai Reddy has raised the question in Rajya Sabha of the inflow of investments into the State, he was told that the investments did not cross beyond the MoU stage which shows that it was only self-promotion that matters for Chandrababu Naidu.

He has toured Singapore, Japan, China, US, UK, Switzerland, UAE, South Korea and other countries for 17 times taking with him his coterie and bureaucrats ranking from Secretary to clerks using public money and the entire exercise has yielded no positive results.

The present Davos tour too is no different and we demand a white paper on the expenditure incurred by Chandrababu Naidu for his foreign trips and the corresponding figure of investments that had come in to the state during his term, he said.

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