YSRCP demands white paper on CRDA MoUs

Hyderabad, June 22: Demanding a white paper on the MoUs signed by the TDP government with foreign companies in the capital area region, YSR Congress has said that the State should categorically tell where the commercial space would be given to the farmers who gave up their land.

‘What is happening in the capital areas region is not known to the outside world and the three Singapore companies have joined CRDA to form a consortium which was given 1,700 acres of land for development, details of which are not known.

We demand that the state publish a white paper on the issue and also specify as to where the farmers would be getting the commercial space in lieu of the land they had given up,’ party MLA A Rama Krishna Reddy told reporters here on Wednesday.

There are reports that the foreign companies had bought the land at Rs 4 crores per acre and the entire deal and how the capital area work is progressing should e put on public domain by publishing a white paper, he said.

There are fears that the foreign companies were given the right to sell the land which makes it a commercial proposition and in any venture the natives should have an upper hand but here the foreign companies are holding 52 % stake while CRDA has only 48 % which makes the deal murkier, he said adding that the option of selling 32 % of the stock is given to the Singapore companies.

The other issue is that TDP has been resorting to vindictive politics. Those farmers who refused to give land have been targeted and the design of express highway was drafted in such a way so that it passes through their fields.

The Swiss Challenge mode has drawn a flak and the Kelkar Commission has given an adverse report stating that it is not scientific and not feasible but still Chandrababu Naidu seems to be patronizing the Swiss Challenge method and when officials refused to sign the file the Chief Minister himself has signed it and has sent it down turning the bureaucracy upside down.

Normally files upwards in hierarchy and not the other way round, he said.

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