YSRCP demands transparency in port deal

Hyderabad: YSR Congress has
said that irregularities have taken place in the Bhavanapadu port deal as no
global tenders were called for and the contract was given on nomination basis.

 Speaking to reporters here on
Thursday party senior leader Botsa Satyanarayana said’ the state has
failed to show transparency in the deal and has pursued with its favoured
policy of nepotism. It has given the contract on nomination basis to those who
financed the Party during elections.

 We strongly oppose such moves and will
fight them all as the major deals are done without any transparency. The
irregularities came to the fore in wake of the state share and the government
negotiations as there are no global tenders and no transparency, he said.

 We are not against development but we
are against the nomination and Swiss Challenge methods which have drawn all
round flak, he said.

 When a top functionary of the Tamil Nadu
politics could be arrested for trying to bribe the Election Commission how
could Chandrababu Naidu be left free after being named in the cash for vote
case, he asked.

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