YSRCP demands judicial probe into land deals

Hyderabad, March 3: Scared by the expose of the land scam, TDP Government has blocked the Stamps and Registrations website of the Revenue Department which shows its guilt in the illegal land deals, YSR Congress has said and demanded a judicial inquiry into the land dealing around the proposed capital.

‘After the sensational expose of the purchase of land by TDP biggies, the Government went into a defensive mode and has blocked the website of Stamps & Registrations to cover up the dark deals of all big names who were involved in the real estate business taking advantage of the beforehand knowledge of the proposed capital,’ Party MLA RK Roja told reporters here on Thursday.

This clearly shows that the State has become scared and is trying to find ways and means to cover-up the deal and started it with blocking the website.

We have been warning from day one as to why TDP was in a hurry and has set up Narayana Committee, ignoring the Revenue Minister even as the Centre appointed Sivramakrishnan Committee which was yet to give its report on the capital city.

Narayana, who was never a TDP member earlier, had financed the elections and came to power and he began the plough-back of investments by heading the capital area committee and  buying large extent of land in the peripheries along with others, including the kin the Kodela Siva Prasada Rao and Payyavula Kesavulu who bought land in the names of their kin.

Some of the MLAs have come out in the open telling that they have purchased in the name of their spouse while Narayana and others had purchased in the names of their staff and relatives.

The Lingamaneni Estate has become the official residence of Chandrababu Naidu and promoter’s lands were saved in the alignment of capital city.

Lokesh has been talking tall but the secret pact with the then union minister P Chidambaram is known to all, she said.

To give a further boost to the real estate, the government has asked the employees to shift to Vijayawada.

This apart, those who did not support the government, their lands were earmarked as green zones and the leaders’ lands fell into commercial and development zones, such was alignment which was full of vindictiveness, she said.

While leveling baseless allegations against our leader YS Jagan Mohan Reddy the government can go ahead with an enquiry.

The irregularities in the land pooling the TDP leaders from far and near buying land in the peripheries, should be probed by a sitting High Court Judge, she said.

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