YSRCP demands CBI probe

Hyderabad: Demanding a CBI inquiry into the land grabbings of Chandrababu Naidu government, YSR Congress has said that the Chief Minister has led his party leaders by example in encroaching prime lands.

Speaking to reporters here on Tuesday, party spokesperson Vasireddy Padma said, large extent of lands was being encroached by TDP leaders and workers and the Chief Ministers residence itself is on an encroached land on the Krishna River front which paved way for the land scams.

The records are being tampered with and all disputed lands and prime lands have been encroached by TDP leaders and the name of TDP MLA Bonda Uma and Cabinet Minister Devineni Uma has come up prominently. In Vijayawada the encroachments have been rampant ever since the new state was formed. Lands of educational institutions and those given for public utilities were being taken away by people in power by tampering with the records, she said.

Students have been agitating against the encroachment of college lands in Vijayawada which shows the gravity of the situation. 

In the name of capital formation, fertile land of farmers was taken away while the coterie and TDP leaders could get land at throwaway prices. Decisions were taken in advance and were formalised through cabinet meetings, which were always allotting lands to the favoured few.

One of the cabinet ministers had accused of a Rs 1500 crore land scam in Vizag involving another minister and the matter was hushed up which shows the interests of the state government, which has been encouraging encroachments and everything happens with the full knowledge of the Chief Minster and money changes in large sums, she said.

The modus operandi has been simple, effective and time-tested as the proceedings were worked out in Cyberabad earlier; she said and demanded a CBI inquiry into the land allotments and encroachments for the past four years.
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