YSRCP condemns TDP remarks on RK Roja

Hyderabad: Condemning the vulgar remarks of TDP leaders against Party MLA RK Roja, YSR Congress has said that the comments reflect the attitude of the leadership towards women and demanded that the two ministers and others named in a survey for facing charges against atrocities on women should be suspended forthwith.

Speaking to reporters here on Monday party spokesperson N Padmaja said, the TDP leadership has instigated the leaders tainted in Call Money Sex Racket to criticize RK Roja after she raised her voice against the Dachepalli and other such incidents.

This shows the intolerance levels of TDP and the respect they have towards women. Be it Budda Venkanna, Bandaru Satyanrayana Murthy other others, the vulgar language speaks about their upbringing and attitude towards women and it is a deliberate bid to cover up the failures of TDP inefficient governance.

The TDP leaders have resorted to personal attacks on RK Roja to divert and dilute the issue and such remarks on the women MLA show their lack of culture and manners, she said.

Though we could have hit back attacking the women of Chandrababu Naidu family members, we are refraining from doing so as we cannot stoop to such levels and have no such mean attitude. It is high time that Chandrababu Naidu suspend the TDP legislators, including two ministers, who are facing charges of atrocities on women, to prove that his government cares for women, she said.

The state has the dubious distinction of taking the second spot in sexual assault on minors in the country and if no action is taken against these elected representatives matter would further deteriorate. 

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