YSRCP Condemns Lathi-charge; Demands All-Party Meet

Hyderabad: Telangana YSR Congress Party has demanded an All-Party meeting on the Mallannasagar issue and condemned the highhanded behaviour of the police against the agitating farmers in Medak district. ‘We strongly condemn the indiscriminate lathi-charge on farmers by police on the farmers who are facing threat of submergence due to the redesigning of the project and demand that an all party meeting should be convened to sort out the differences,’ party Telangana President G Srikanth Reddy told reporters here on Monday.

YSR Congress has always been with the farmers and it will fight for the farmers’ cause, he said and condemned the highhandedness of police on the farmers who were agitating against the Mallannasagar on Rajiv Rahadari in Medak district.

This is a gruesome incident as the police behaved in a brutal manner and the TRS government should shun using force and instead should solve he problem amicably, he said. ‘Why was the Mallannasagar redesigned is a question which needs an explanation and the TRS government has been evading it all the time. Why should the State Government issue a GO for land acquisition when the Central Act is already in force and why were registration offices opened in the villages should be answered by the state,’ he said.

We demand that the project work should be postponed until a consensus is arrived at for which an All-Party Meeting should be convened immediately, he said.
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