YSRCP Concerned about Safety and Security

Hyderabad: Members of YSRCP expressed their concern regarding security in the state during the question hour of assembly sessions. MLA Chintala Ramachandra Reddy mentioned in his speech the crime happening to women. He reminded that Telugu Desam Party's manifesto had mentioned action would be taken up for the safety and security of women. He complained that none of the promised special systems or special officers were brought to implementation since its rule had started two years ago.

Another YSRCP MLA Peediga Rajanna Dora spoke about the security of the tribal people. He criticised the Government for not putting any effort for the security of dalits and tribal people. He mentioned the situation of his constituency Saluru during the last one year. Two tribal people were burnt alive in January, a tribal woman was sexually assaulted in February and some more incidents of sexual abuse happened right in March, cited Rajanna Dora. He questioned what would be the situation in the whole state if one constituency saw this much crime.

To this, home minister and deputy chief minister Nimmakayala Chinarajappa responded in a general way but did not directly answer the questions put by the YSRCP MLAs.

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