YSRCP calls out TDP for ignoring the plight of farmers

Vijayawada: YSR Congress Party official spokesperson K.ParthaSarathy on Thursday said that unable to face party chief and main Opposition leader YS Jagan Mohan Reddy politically, the TDP leaders have resorted to foist false cases against the YSRCP leaders.

Speaking at the YSRCP party office in Vijayawada, Parthasarathy asked the TDP leaders to stop filing false cases against the YSRCP leaders who are questioning the TDP government on people's problems.

The YSRCP leader said that this government has no guts to face YS Jagan Mohan Reddy and thus misusing the power to weaken the party. " The TDP has no guts to face YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. They are foisting false cases against the YSRCP leaders to weaken the party leadership. Recent incidents prove that TDP leaders don't believe in their administration," he said. 
 Stating that the the black gram crop has been infected with virus in Krishna , Parthasarathy said that the farmers plight in the state is worse and no one is paying heed to it.

He questioned the TDP leaders as to why they never dare to go to the places where YS Jagan toured and show that the crops are growing.  
He alleged that the government is responsible for the withering of black gram crop in Krishna district. He has lashed out at the government saying that the TDP leaders are giving false statements on YS Jagan instead of rescuing the farmers and finding ways to curb the virus. The YSRCP leaders will not be scared of fasle cases and will continue to fight on public problems, the YSRCP leader added.
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