YSRCP Agitation In Narasaraopeta Successful

Narasaraopeta: The agitation held by YSRCP at Narasaraopeta of Guntur district was a success. The party agitated on Monday protesting against the attacks of TDP people on the business establishment and the false cases imposed of NCV (Nallapati Cable Vision) belonging to the party's youth leader. On Sunday evening, the assailants belonging to TDP attacked the cable office, damaged the properties and severely injured the GDCC bank former chairman Nallapati Chandrasekhar Rao who tried to hinder them. In light of this, hundreds of party activists participated in the bandh held in Narasaraopeta.

District party president Marri Rajasekhar, Guntur city president Lella Appireddy and MLAs of Narasaraopeta and Guntur Gopireddy Srinivas Reddy and Sk.Mustafa were hindered by the police when they attempted to support the activists. In spite of the desperate attempts by the police, they could enter the city and hold protest along with the activists.

My life is threatened by Kodela: Nallapati Ramu

NCV owner Nallapati Ramachandra Prasad stated that he had threat from speaker Dr. Kodela Siva Prasad Rao and the police had threatened him with weapons pointed to him. He was arrested by the one town police, accused for trial to murder and presented in front of the first additional munsif magistrate SPD Vennela.

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