YS Jagan's yatra becomes a celebration of hope

Leader of the Opposition in AP, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is winning hearts and minds through his indefatigable yatra spanning well over 200 days. He is not winning young and old, he is even winning children’s hearts. Recently, Venkata Mohana Lakshmi of Kaikolu rendered ‘Turupu kondallo’ song with aplomb. YS Jagan appreciated them. Many a time, the parents are coming with requests to name their babies. Some parents are questing YS Jagan to perform ‘Aksharabhyasams’ for their children.

YS Jagan is moving ahead regardless of the sun and rain. Weather vagaries or vicissitudes. Do not deter him. He is moving ahead with a smile on his face. A pat on the back or tap on the head in a friendly manner are bringing YS Jagan closer to the people. He is reassuring everyone that good times are round the corner.

Every village is going into a tizzy seeing its leader. The people see a new hope in YS Jagan. For them he appears as a savior from the four-year old misrule of the TDP. Hence everywhere, the people are showering flowers on YS Jagan. There is Jayaho Jagan chant everywhere. Needless to say, it is turning the whole yatra into a celebration of people’s hope and feelings.
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