YS Jagan's Tour Sent Shivers In Babu

  • Babu and his ministers practise degraded politics
  • Amaravathi is not your own property
  • People are wishing for YS Jagan's rule
  • YS Jagan's following can't be stopped
  • TDP's culture is throwing slippers and stones at people
  • YSRCP's culture is to respect everybody
  • YS Jagan has inherited that culture
  • YSRCP leaders Jogi Ramesh and Vellampally
Vijayawada: Commenting that the capital city was not CM Chandrababu's own resort, YSRCP's official spokesman, Jogi Ramesh confided that people of the state were wishing for YS Jagan's rule. Ridiculing that YS Jagan's tour in the capital region had sent shivers in Chandrababu who was in Daos, he criticised that ministers Devineni Uma, Narayana and Prathipati Pullarao, out of jealousy for the affection garnered by YS Jagan from people, were raving. 

Jogi Ramesh commented that the ministers were attempting to cover up their inability to answer to the problems of the people exposed during the Jananeta's tour. Along with Vellampally Srinivas, he spoke to the media at Vijayawada.

They questioned why permission from the police should be taken if the leader of opposition should tour in the state and if Chandrababu had sought such permission when he was the leader of opposition. Citing the warm welcome received by YS Jagan during the tour and the way people revealed their problems to him, Jogi Ramesh mentioned that the Government leaders were scared of the tour. He suggested that they should concentrate on trying to solve the exposed problems, rather than express envy in the form of criticism and allegation.

Jogi Ramesh condemned the allegation about attack on Akhila Priya by YSRCP activists. Mentioning that they had marched through the area and minister Ravela and Jupudi Prabhakar had gone through the same way and they had not hindered anybody, he specified that they had soft corner for Akhila Priya as the daughter of their sister-like leader Shobha Nagireddy, despite her backstabbing YSRCP. Remarking that they themselves would save Akhila Priya if any attack had happened on her, they indicated that no activists or leaders of YSRCP had assaulted the MLA in any way.

Opining that the allegations were an attempt to cover up their failure and divert people's attention from the success of YS Jagan's tour. He also slammed the police for blindly taking action against YSRCP activists. He questioned why TDP leaders like Chintamaneni Prabhaka, Rajendra Prasad and Ananm Sathish, who had ill-treated women, had never been taken action against.

Jogi Ramesh commented that TDP's culture was throwing slippers and stones at people, while YSRCP's was to honour and respect people. Specifying that YS Jagan had inherited the great culture, he remarked that Devineni was simply raving and Somireddy was blabbering to gain impression from Chandrababu. He cautioned Babu and his ministers to stop practising degraded politics.

Vellampally Srinivas spoke to mention the grand welcome earned by YS Jagan throughout the tour in the capital region. He slammed Chandrababu for publicising that farmers had voluntarily given away their lands, while the lands had been snatched by him and his ministers with force, leaving farmers to suffer with poverty. He also commented that Chandrababu was picturing to the people as if a lot of investments had been earned for the state, while 20% of the industries in the state had been shut down and huge amounts of public money was being wasted on flights to foreign countries and their five star hotel stays.
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