YS Jagan's Padayatra Exposes Janmabhoomi Committee Irregularities

The Praja Sankalpa Yatra taken up by YSR Congress Party President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has turned a big platform to expose the irregularities committed by  Janmabhoomi committees constituted with ruling TDP members by the Andhra Pradesh government. 

People who attended Rachabanda and Palle Nidra conducted by YS Jagan as part of the padayatra explained their woes in availing benefits of the government schemes due to the involvement of  Janmabhoomi committees. Though the committees did not have any right in identifying the beneficiaries, the ruling TDP leaders are playing a key role in every decision taken in the village panchayats with regard to the sanction of pensions, houses and loans to the weaker sections. 

As the YSR Congress already decided to organise Palle Nidra and Rachabanda till February 28, YS Jagan instructed party in-charges of Parliamentary constituency and  assembly constituencies to identify 30 villages in every constituency where he will take part in the two programmes during his yatra.  The party will also take up a signature campaign on the demand to special status to Andhra Pradesh and organise meetings with community leaders, employees associations and students
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