YS Jagan's Introductory Address At The General Body Meeting

Vijayawada: The leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan
mentioned that the party that had once started with a person and a mother had
gradually grown into a strong party, by the garnering the affection of the
people of the state. He addressed the leaders and the activists of YSR Congress
Party, marking the commencement of the party’s general body meeting at
Vijayawada. He mentioned that the party had worked hard in opposition for five
years to earn place in people’s hearts.

YS Jagan mentioned that YSR Congress Party had begun with only two
ersons, himself and his mother YS Vijayamma, later had had 18 members but had
grown gradually to be a powerful party with 67 MLAs, 9 MPs and had achieved 45%
of the vote bank of the state with the affection and blessings of 1 crore 30
lakh people of the state.

YS Jagan opined that the development of the party owed to the
efforts and affection of the leaders. He offered kudos to everybody walking
forward with the ideals of YSR and inspired to fulfil his aspirations. He
called for united effort in further consolidation of the party in light of
people being fed up with Chandrababu’s rule. He called for the leaders to join
hands and voice with the people in view of their benefit.

YS Jagan reminded how the party had been fighting on behalf of
people, being the principal opposition party since two years. He raised
curtains for discussion about how to fight more efficiently on behalf of people
and how to overcome hurdles on the way. He stated that senior leaders of the
party would guide the other leaders and finally directions would be given
regarding effective conduction of Gadapagadapaku YSR programme. He inspired the
leaders to work in a united manner.

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