YS Jagan’s Determination Sends Shivers Down The TDP Spine

  • Rule immersed in
  • Babu’s failure at all
  • Shameless purchase of
  • YS Jagan’s
    uncompromising fight against people’s problems
  • Visweswar Reddy:

    YSRCP MLA Visweswar
    Reddy mentioned that the Jala Deeksha taken up by the leader of opposition and
    YSRCP president YS Jagan for the benefit of the people of the state was giving
    shivers to the ruling party leaders. He slammed the Government for criticising
    for all the efforts he was putting for the state’s benefit, over not expressing
    solidarity to it. He remarked that while Chandrababu was staying indifferent to
    the unlawful projects being built in Telangana, YS Jagan had taken the
    initiative to fight against them. He stated that Chandrababu had bluffed all
    classes of people to get into power and had failed badly in satisfying them
    after attaining power. He specified that Chandrababu had failed miserably in
    getting special status for the state and for getting special package to the
    backward areas.

    Visweswar Reddy
    mentioned the drought situated in Rayalaseema. He stated that people of many
    villages were migrating to other places in search of just a little water to
    drink. The farmers were committing suicide. He commented that none of these
    could bother Babu. He also added that Chandrababu had neither given jobs as
    promised nor kept the jobs of the employed. The employees who protested for
    hike in their salaries had been tyrannically oppressed. Agitation against
    people’s problems were being treated with dictatorship. The rights of labourers
    in the capital area had been suppressed. People had been deceived in all
    possible ways. To divert the people’s attention from all these issues, MLAs
    were being bought, remarked Visweswar Reddy. While the people of Kurnool laid
    their trust on YSRCP candidate and handed him over victory in elections,
    Chandrababu had unethically grabbed the candidate, he complained. He criticised
    the defectors for being too timid to fight against babu’s enticement and his unethical
    and undemocratic ways and for giving in to him. Visweswar Reddy proclaimed that
    the leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan had a great deal of
    people’s support as he was carrying out uncompromising fight with commitment for
    their benefit. He called for united fight in chasing away the corrupt rule of

    Meka Pratap Apparao:

    YSRCP MLA Meka Pratap Apparao confided that the party would win the next
    elections and YS Jagan would become the CM of the state. He acclaimed the
    people’s leader for carrying with him the principles and ideals of the great
    leader Dr.YS Rajasekhar Reddy and fighting for the welfare of the people,
    pointing out the mistakes of the Government from time to time on behalf of the
    people. He complained against CM Chandrababu’s indifference to the problems or
    the feelings of the people of the state. He commented that Chandrababu, weak in
    people’s support, was buying MLAs spending crores of rupees.

    Pratap Apparao remarked that people were questioning Chandrababu what he
    had done to them. He added that he gave them neither houses nor jobs nor water.
    He exclaimed that TDP Government was uprooting itself with its incapability. He
    complained that TDP was robbing lakes, sand and opposition MLAs too. Apparao
    warned the defectors that the people would not forgive them. He confided that
    the party would lose nothing from the defection of a few leaders and that they
    would come back and bow to YS Jagan after a while.

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