YS Jagan’s assurance to fishermen


Speaking about the recent arrest of the fishermen who were held by the Pakistan navy near Gujarat, YS Jagan said the fishermen had to migrare to Gujarat for meagre salaries of Rs 8,000. The State government did not take any action over the arrest.
YS Jagan promised to send the two Rajya Sabha members for representation at the Centre to work for the release of the fishermen.
He took a jibe at Chandrababu saying the TDP chief was campaigning in Telangana as if it was his home state. Chandrababu released just Rs 520 crore while the damage evaluated in the Titli cyclone was Rs 3,400 crore.
"While addressing election rallies in Telangana, Chandrababu Naidu called the defected Telangana TDP MLAs as betrayers. Why didn't he say the same about the 23 defected MLAs from YSRCP?" he asked.
The YSRCP chief lashed out at Chandrababu for claiming credit for Shamshabad airport, Outer ring road, PVNR Expressway and the growth in IT sector. The construction of Shamshabad airport began in 2005 March and was completed in 2008 March. The IT sector registered a growth rate of 14% and 1,500 new IT companies were established during Dr. YSR's tenure, he pointed out.
YS Jagan ridiculed Chandrababu's claim of credit for discovering mobile phone and computer.
The Leader of Opposition pointed out that the women's self-help groups were cheated and were not given loan waivers. During Rajanna Rajyam, farmers availed interest free loans from the banks, but, in Chandrababu's rule, the farmer loans are completely ignored, he said.
Chandrababu Naidu, who promised to provide the farmers input subsidy of Rs 2,000 crore, did not even give a single rupee to their rescue. While the farm loans were not rescheduled, the old loans are not waived.
In Andhra Pradesh, seven districts are suffering from severe drought situation, he said.
Explaining the benefits of the Navaratnas, he said that the Arogyasri and fees reimbursement schemes would be restored in YSRCP rule.
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