YS Jagan’s 7 Direct Questions to Chandrababu

Guntur: Leader of Opposition in Andhra Pradesh assembly and YSR Congress Party President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy posed seven questions to AP Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu at a press conference in Sangamjagarlamudi of Guntur district. The YSRCP Chief was addressing the media after his party MPs submitted their resignations to protest the Centre’s inaction over granting Special Category Status to the state. The YSRCP MPs are now on an indefinite hunger strike at AP Bhavan in New Delhi which has received an overwhelming response from the masses.

Here are the seven questions posted by YS Jagan to Chandrababu

1. Did you write to the Planning Commission?

On March 2 2014, the UPA government had asked the Planning Commission to grant Special Category Status (SCS) to AP. Chandrababu became the CM in May 2014. But till December 2014, when the Planning Commission was scrapped, the AP CM had neither written to them or tried to meet them. So for seven months, he has not attempted to do anything for SCS. Isn’t this an act of betrayal?

2. Did you not welcome the Special Package?

On September 8, 2016, Union finance minister Arun Jaitley announced Special Package to the state instead of SCS. Even before this announcement, Chandrababu had been trying to explain the benefits of Package to the state through media leaks. Later on September 9, the TDP government thanked the Central government for the Package in the State Assembly. He also went to Delhi and felicitated Arun Jaitley. Is this all not true? Doesn’t this amount to cheating of AP?

3. Is it not true that you inflated the state’s growth rate figures?

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister claimed that Andhra Pradesh was the fastest growing state in the country which was developing at a very fast pace. He said millions of crores were being invested in AP and lakhs of jobs were being created. The state has the highest GDP in the country was the propaganda by Chandrababu. Isn’t this false?

4. What have you done in four years?

The TDP government has been trying to place hurdles at every stage of YSRCP’s relentless fight for SCS. He has always been trying to dilute the issue for his own benefits. What has Chandrababu done to achieve SCS in the last four years?

5. Didn’t you take a U-turn with regard to the no-confidence motion?

If not for YSRCP, the TDP would not have submitted the notice for no-confidence motion in the Parliament. On March 15, TDP chief said if YSRCP garners enough numbers, they would also support the no-confidence motion. But on March 16, on realising that the credit would go to YSRCP, he changed his stance and the TDP submitted a notice on its own. This goes on to prove that till that point, Chandrababu hadn’t even approached single party on the issue.

6. Will the state be granted SCS if you sport black badges?

Till date Chandrababu has only convened all-party meetings. But he says that there should be no protests in the meetings as the state’s development will get affected and its image would take a beating. Is Chandrababu’s version of brand AP more important than the fight for SCS?

7. Why haven’t you got your MPs to resign yet?

Despite knowing very well yesterday was the last working of day of Parliament and that we had resigned in protest, you failed to react and evaded the issue. If only 25 MPs had resigned and sat on an indefinite hunger strike, the entire country would have sat up and taken notice of the issue. The Centre would have been forced to give in to the demands. But you have not asked your MPs to resign.

You have been cheating the people of AP for the last four years and continue to do so with cycle rallies and all-party meets. Everyone has understood that all these are meant merely to misguide the public. Chandrababu, you will be remembered as a traitor in the history of state politics
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