YS Jagan will protest at delhi for special status

YSRCP decided that they are going to increase the protest to more
heights for the special status promised. There was a meeting held by the
YSRCP President Jagan Mohan Reddy in the party office Lotus Pond where
senior leaders were a part of it. The different actions performed by the
party on behalf of people are discussed. They discussed on the
deceiving Government of Chandrababu Naidu and the way they are dealing
on the special status promised to the State. They decided that they
should further increase the protests for the purpose of special status.
As a part of this, they decided that on 10th of August, in
Jantar Mantar of Delhi, they are going to start a protest. The MLA’s,
MP’s and the Party President YS Jagan will be a part of this. The
protest will start from   10 am and continue till   3 pm.
Later, they will go for march to Parliament. Former Minister, MLC Pilli
Subhash Chandra Bose, stated this party decision taken by them to

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