YS Jagan, a true hero

He is no film hero, but craze for him rivals top-notch heroes. He is barely 40. But, his popularity rivals the biggest politicos of the time. His party is no national party nor does he have any alliance with any party. He has never enjoyed power of pelf. Yet, he is the talk of the town. This man, who has become a brand unto himself, is YS Jagan
No politician has ever faced as many hurdles as YS Jagan did. Any other politician would have simply caved in if he faces as much trouble as YS Jagan did. He is still facing conspiracies and troubles. Every attempt has been made to malign him. He has been kept confined on trumped up charges. He has no other weapon except people’s support. 
With the help of this, he fought off his enemies and is proving himself to be a real tough leader. Proving all the doubting Thomases wrong, he is becoming popular by each passing day.
It is rare for any politician to walk for over 3000 km. This is indeed a new chapter in politics. His Praja Sankalpa Yatra is aimed at going closer to the people and to understand their problems. He wants to tell the people that he will stand by them in every crisis they face.
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