YS Jagan is strengthening the party institutionally

The Leader of the Opposition, YSRCP President, YS Jagan is fighting on behalf of people with movements and strikes on one side and on the other side he is also taking care of the party and strengthening the members of the party. The great leader is building the party with the same spirit in the way he is fighting for the people and nation, without rest.

He is ready to confront as Opposition party leader, for the major issues rising in Andhra Pradesh. He is getting the activists, leaders, fans and all other members of the YSRCP together and motivating towards the movement. On the other hand, he is gathering information and the challenges in administration district wise and preparing the party members to sort out things.

Comprehensive reviews on the recent situations district wise he is finding the review of the party, step by step in each district. He carried out a review meet with the leaders of West Godavari district. He discussed about the problems faced by the Tobacco farmers and Jam oil farmers. He inquired about the risks posed to farmers under thadepudi reservoir and Pattiseema project. He met the leaders of Guntur district, of the state Capital and discussed about the ways to support the farmers by fighting on their behalf. He ordered all the leaders to support the farmers by all means.

In this way, all the regions, strengthening the sections, the president of YSRCP, is supporting the party to fight for the farmers.  YS Jagan is conducting the reviews strictly and strengthening the party leaders.

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