YS Jagan Sets Out To Kurnool

YSR District: The leader of opposition and president of YSRCP,  YS Jagan, is staging Jala Deeksha in protest against the negligence of AP Government and the construction of unlawful projects by Telangana. As part of this, he set out to Kurnool. Before that, he conducted special poojas at the temple of Goddess in Pulivendula of YSR district. YS Jagan is going to stage a strike for three days at Kurnool. YSRCP leaders and activists are going to conduct agitation on the 17th of this month at all mandal headquarters in solidarity to YS Jagan's strike.

ఇదే వార్తాంశం తెలుగులో:  http://bit.ly/23Uiy2P 

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