YS Jagan rebuke the fire on Chandrababu for secretly moving the bodies..!

Rajahmundry: The Government  was in shock with the incident of worst road accident  that took place in East Godavari district. Perceiving the  situation, and predicting if the leader of Opposition, YS Jagan can come to visit the place, the ruling party broke miserable culture of shifting the bodies to their home lands. YS Jagan was serious on the government for such action. He said, Naidu is not applicable to sit in the chair of CM authority even for a moment. Jagan stated that, he would definitely take the ruling party and APGENCO to court being responsible for the mishap.

YS Jagan shared his grief with the families of the dead and the injured in the Government hospital, Rajahmundry. Victims shared their helplessness with the leader, Jagan. They lamented that the bodies were taken to the presentation.

Helpless coolies! 
Eighteen people were buried under cement clinker and few others were seriously injured when the vehicle plunged into a slushy field near Murari village of Gandepalli mandal in East Godavari district early hours. Jagan shared his deep condolences to the families of the victims. He said, government should take right action in the present situation and help the victims by providing better treatment for the wounded.

Families should be given ex-Gratia
The opposition party demanded that Government has to support the families of the dead  by providing Rs. 10 lakh and Rs. 2 lakh for the injured. He said, when the victims of Pushkar ghat are provided with compensation, why not the workers? Jagan said, that the driver of the vehicle that belongs to APGENCO allowed the workers t board the lorry which is against the rules. So, it is the responsibility of the organization to give compensation. Everything from polavaram to sand mafia, everything is illegal about this government, said Jagan. Without finding work in their own place workers are migrating for work out of distress. However, they could not get the right wage for their efforts and hardly could get Rs 80 to Rs 30.  
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