YS Jagan Raises the Issue of Loan Waiver to Leasing Farmers

Hyderabad: In the question-answer session of the assembly, the issue of waiver of loans came up. Leader of opposition intervened and stated that there was no clarity regarding the agriculture minister’s mentioning that the loans of leasing farmers also had been waived. He said that a very less number of farmers seemed to have taken loans and questioned if all the leasing farmers had enjoyed the loan waiver.

To this, agriculture minister Prathipati Pullarao answered in a dissatisfactory way. Leader of opposition YS Jagan laid stress on his question when he again asked how many farmers had actually received cards. He demanded to know if the mentioned 16,25,000 leasing farmers had had the cards. Then the truth was uncovered. Agriculture minister slowly revealed that only 5,75,000 of them had had the cards and the others were unofficially carrying out the business.

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