YS Jagan questions Chandrababu

Guntur: Police in the district prevented the YSR Congress Party fact-finding committee on illegal mining quarries from proceeding and did not allow the party committee members to tour Piduguralla and Dachepalli. YSRCP MLAs Gopireddi Srinivas Reddy, Pinnelli Ramakrishna Reddy and party leader Kasu Mahesh Reddy were placed under house arrest this morning.

The police had taken complete control of Gurajala constituency and began to carry out illegal detentions of the party workers as well as supporters who came on to the streets. The cops also foisted false cases against them. The entire police drama was a conspiracy to stop the fact-finding committee from proceeding on its tour. Both the towns of Piduguralla and Dachepalli were under section 144.
The unlawful arrests of YSRCP leaders, who were part of the Fact-Finding Committee for Gurajala mining scam; and proclaiming Section 144 is enough to prove who is culpable. @ncbn for how long will you use the brutal police force to suppress voices and cover up your scams?
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