YS Jagan posts a touching pic of 7-year-old fan

When one is on a walkathon amid heat and dust, love and support from the ordinary people is like a welcome shower. It soothes the frazzled nerves and pushes one to work harder.  YS Jagan too had experienced this wonderful moment during his arduous Padayatra across the length and breadth of the state.

As he was wading through a sea of humanity at Vissannapet in Krishna district, a seven year old boy stood in front of him. His father was besides him. He showed a slate with letters YSR written on it. His father said that during the education initiation ceremony ‘Aksharabhyasam', the boy refused to write the traditional incantations and insisted that he will write YSR.
Accordingly, his father made him write YSR on the slate. The parents preserved the slate and the letters all these years and showed them to YS Jagan during his Yatra.

YS Jagan became visibly emotional and took the boy into his arms. He hugged him and blessed him. YS Jagan himself posted the pic of the boy and the slate with YSR written on it on his Facebook account. He also recounted the touching incident vividly.
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