YS Jagan Pays Homage To Jagjivan Ram

Pulivendula: The birth anniversary celebrations of famous dalit
leader Babu Jagjivan Ram were held at Vempalli of YSR
district. Leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan attended the event
as the chief guest. He decorated the portrait of Babu Jagjivan Ram with a
flower garland and paid homage to him. Prior to this he had also honoured Dr.BR
Ambedkar by decorating his statue in the city with a flower garland and paying
tribute to him. Speaking on the occasion, he acclaimed Jagjivan Ram’s efforts
for the betterment of dalits’ lives. He mentioned the disregard of the present
day’s leaders to the well-being of dalits. MP Avinash Reddy and the district’s
president of YSRCP Amarnath Reddy took part in the event.

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