YS Jagan in ICU

Everyone Upset..!

Police did not allow inside!

Guntur: The health condition of the opposition leader Y.S.Jagan Mohan Reddy is still in critical condition. He is undergoing treatment in Guntur Government Hospital ICU. His health condition became critical due to his hunger strike from past 7 days. The GGH Superintendent Dr.Rajunaidu made an announcement that Jagan was gradually given liquids and should be in observation for the next 24 hrs.

The doctors have released a health bulletin; medical tests were conducted at 5AM in the morning and 11 AM and 6.45 pm. The doctors told that the BP is 120/80, pulse rate 56

YSJagan’s health condition is upsetting everyone. His mother Vijayamma, wife Bharathi and Sister Sharmila were with him. Distressed by his hospitalization activists in huge numbers are gathering at the GGH to see their beloved leader. With the Police not allowing them inside they were protesting in front of the hospital.  It is well known to all that the Police took him forcefully to the GGH tuesday morning at 4.11AM. Though YS Jagan refused to undergo treatment the doctors forcefully infused liquids to him.

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