YS Jagan hunger strike from October 7th

Strike will be in Guntur
Hyderabad:The dates for the hunger strike initiated by the leader of Opposition, YSRCP President Jagan are declared by the party now. The YSRCP leader Botsa Satyanarayana mentioned that the YSRCP President, YS Jagan  is going to start the hunger strike from October 7th. Also, it will be in Guntur, specified Botsa. He mentioned that we do not want to trigger unnecessary things. We will be choosing another place and also get permission. If the permission is not given, they would approach court. This is planned in this way as police asked them to change the place.
Fight on behalf of people
The plan of initiating the hunger strike by the YSRCP president, YS Jagan in ULFA ground of Guntur has been postponed due to the conspiracy played by Chandrababu. Babu played a trick by stopping the preparations with the help of police. As a part of this change, the senior party members and other leaders had a meeting and discussed about the issue. As an outcome, Botsa declared that the strike will start on October 7th. He also clearly declared that it would take place at any point. As responsible opposition party, their party would be fighting for the special status on behalf of people – specified Botsa.
Babu: All your strikes are fake?
Botsa fired on Babu’s comment about Deeksha. Babu said, “Can permission be given if you say that you are dying?”. For that, Botsa questioned Babu: Were you planning to die when you were doing the indefinite hunger strike in 2010 in Hyderabad? Or else, were you having nice food and faking the people that your were on hunger strike? Botsa asked Babu to recall that the great leader; “Potti Sree ramulu”achieved the State by hunger strike and peaceful protests only”. Botsa claimed that Naidu is focused on dirty and selfish politics and ruining the State for his selfishness. He also demanded that Babu has to declare if he is okay or against the special status of the State.
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