YS Jagan Is A Hero And Babu A Villain In People's Hearts

  • We will confront the
    Government fearlessly
  • We will reach every doorstep
    and explain the atrocities of TDP
  • Ministers have to keep
    their words under control
  • As opposition party,
    we are the voice of the people
  • What has happened to
    the 5 signatures? : Jogi Ramesh

Vijayawada: YSRCP’s
official spokesman Jogi Ramesh stated that the opposition party had the right
to question the Government regarding the promises made to people. He stated
that the 5 signatures done by Chandrababu on the day of his swearing in had
long been forgotten. He made it clear that the leader of opposition and YSRCP
president YS Jagan was only expressing the feelings of the people. He spoke to
the media at Vijayawada. He thanked everybody on behalf of the party for making
the general body meeting a success.

Ramesh remarked that one
executive meeting of YSRCP held at Vijayawada was making the Government
restless. He stated that the party would carry out its activities hereafter
from Vijayawada and would bring the problems of the people to the notice of the
Government and if the situation did not get better, it would undoubtedly
confront the Government. He cautioned the ministers to be ready for
consequences of they did not keep their words under control regarding the
leader of opposition YS Jagan and his family.

Ramesh questioned if
Babu could confidently say that farmers’ loans had been waived. He called it shameless to falsely
announce about the loans being waived. He called Babu a ‘villain’ in the hearts
of people for not keeping the promises he had made to people and YS Jagan a ‘hero’
for not making impossible promises to them.

Ramesh mentioned that
only YS Jagan had the capability to fight for and achieve special status for
the state. Responding to minister Devineni’s statements, Ramesh remarked that
YS Jagan would not go to jail, but Chandrababu and his ministers would be
definitely sent to jail by people after they voted for YSRCP in 2019 elections.
He slammed Chandrababu’s silence towards the unlawful projects being built by
Telangana Government. He attributed the ongoing discussion about the projects
to YS Jagan’s initiative in questioning them. He added that the Government had
bothered the least about those projects before YS Jagan took up deeksha about

Jogi Ramesh reminded
how YSRCP had been pointing out TDP’s failure at every step since two years,
being in the responsible position of opposition. He stated that they would go
to every doorstep in the state on the birth anniversary of Dr. YS Rajasekhar
Reddy and would make people give marks to the incompetent and failing
Government, so that it understood the reality. He mentioned that they would
make people and he media well aware of TDP’s deception and atrocities.

He complained that
Chandrababu had been complicating a simple issue by ill-treating Mudragada and
making it a problem of law and order. He slammed TDP’s complaining about YS
Jagan’s involvement in the issue, while himself making ministers condemn
Mudargada just for questioning about the promise of adding Kapu community to BC
category. Ramesh condemned Babu for keeping Mudragada far from his family and
visitors. He also complained against the control imposed on the media. He
compared Babu’s rule to the time of emergency.

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