YS Jagan greets Telugu people on Ugadi

Hyderabad: Leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan conveyed his
greetings to all the Telugu-speaking people on the occasion of Ugadi, the Telugu New Year Day. This
is the first day of the new year named Durmukhi, the 30th of the 60 years in
Telugu-tradition time cycle. This is the first festival of Telugu calendar.

a statement issued from party office, YS Jagan expressed hope that the New Year
would bring happiness and prosperity to everyone. He prayed that the villages
became prosperous and people of all classes including the farmers, the poor,
the labourers and the general public remained happy. He also wished
for timely precipitation during the year and flourishing of the whole state. He
also hoped for Ugadi, the festival of 6 tastes, to cause well-being of people
of all professions.

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