YS Jagan fever attacks Chandrababu

AP Assembly sessions are started. 

YSR Congress party is started attack on government on various issue. It
has served notice seeking adjournment motion on special status to the

The party decided to
confront and question the government on around 20 issues. The party president YS
Jagan Mohan Reddy decided to expose Chandrababu’s ill-governance, during
assembly sessions.

party is planning to put pressure for debate on Special Status, Land
Acquisition, Vote for Note, Stampede in Pushkaras, Ritikeshwari’s death and
several others matters. The Government already receded on the land acquisition
due to YSR Congress party’s protests and now it is in planning &
preparation to face the opposition in the upcoming sessions. The MLA’s &
MP’s are worried and tense on how to answer the questions asked by the
opposition on various matters.

The YCP leaders are saying that they
will expose the true color and intentions of Chandrababu, who is cheating the
public by bragging that ‘Andhra Pradesh will be made like Japan…Will make it as
Singapore’. The leaders accused that Chandrababu’s government did not respond
at all to the suicides of the public in their struggle for Special Status. They
said that there is no safety for the students life in Minister Narayana’s
college, there is no action taken on him or the college even after several
student suicides. The government failed to eradicate ragging even after several
girl students have fallen victim to ragging. The Health Department is least
bothered for the deaths of the public falling victims for seasonal diseases.
Totally, it is evident that the ruling party is highly anxious & tense as
the opposition party YSRCP is all set to confront & question strongly on all
the public issues in the Assembly.

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