YS Jagan explains the nature of Chandrababu

Ponnuru: Leader of Opposition in Andhra Pradesh assembly and YSR Congress Party President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy mentioned that Andhra Pradesh chief minister Chandrababau would be daily dreaming about him. Speaking to a massive gathering that came to the public meeting held here as part of Praja Sankalpa Yatra, he criticised the CM for his insecure behaviour and to cover-up his failures he was pointing fingers at others.

Explaining the nature of Chandrababu, he narrated a small tale: "Every morning we all wake up wishing that day should good for all, for the state and for the country. But CM Chandrababu Naidu does the contrary. He wakes up thinking what to talk in the next assembly session and how to blame others."

YSRCP Chief said that the CM never spoke about the state and its welfare, he always chants the word Jagan. "I think he must be even dreaming about me in his everyday sleep." During assembly sessions he would point fingers at others, just to avoid people talking about his failures, he informed. YS Jagan said believing his words, the media which plays to his tunes, also point fingers at others and divert the people's attention from his wrongness to the state.

YS Jagan questioned what do we call such people who are bound to play dirty political tricks to save their skin. He accused Chandrababu as the person who backstabbed his father-in-law and came to power, and later did not spare the man until he died. He has been caught red-handed in the Note-for-Vote case, while distributing black money, he alleged. The Leader of Opposition mentioned that it was unfortunate that a CM who should safeguard the interests of the state was indulging in corruption at every level.

Crowd attentively listening to YS Jagan speech at Ponnuru

YSRCP Chief alleged that Chandrababu humiliated the constitutional body by buying out 22 MLAs from YSRCP, offering Rs 20-30 crores to each MLA. Having done so, the CM was afraid to make those MLAs contest elections once again, he pointed out and added that was the reason they were asked not to resign.

YS Jagan said that only one person out of five crores of people get a chance to be the CM. "If the person would responsibly rule the state it is good, but when is his rule is not good, we all look forward to the day when he is ousted from the seat of power," he concluded.
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