YS Jagan direct questions

Hyderabad:  As the Leader of the opposition YS Jagan is fulfilling his basic function expected from him. He is clearly pointing out the mistakes done by the Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu. In the name of politics, the way Babu is doing is shown clearly. As a part of this occasion, he raised some direct questions.

1.      Is it fare enough to put the knife on the neck, of farmers and make them given their lands and this land is further given to the private companies, especially companies in Singapore?

2.      Why is 144 section and section 30, implemented in the State.

3.      Why is the Green Tribunal's decision not implemented?

4.      Are you thinking the Assigned lands belong to your in-laws

5.      Why are you hitting the stomach of farmers for your commissions and bribes?

6.      What have you done with Rs. 1850 crores given by the Central Government?

7.      When Center is ready to support the Capital formation, why is it given to Singapore companies?

8.      Haven't you purchased 100 crores of land around Capital city on binami names?

9.      For one day, you are spending Rs. 400 Crores of people's money in vain.

10.  Is it not spending lakhs of Crores for foreign companies?

There are no answers for these questions with Chandrababu. That's the reason I am not willing to attend the Capital foundation function.  But, I  am not against the capital formation, stated Jagan. 

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