YS Jagan continues yatra despite sores on soles, infection in feet

Hot sun or heavy rain… No matter what the weather vagary is, YSR Congress Party chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is forging ahead – unflinching in his determination and unwavering in his commitment. It is this indefatigable energy of YS Jagan that is drawing the people from all walks of life, even those from the rival political camp towards him. His yatra is giving a new hope to the people of the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Recently Hindustan Times correspondent, who interviewed YS Jagan on completion of the 200 days of his yatra, was surprised to find that YS Jagan’s legs had many sores, some of them infected and oozing pus. 

He asked YS Jagan as to how was continuing despite such grave discomfort. To this YS Jagan smiled and said that treatment is being given to the soles on a daily basis and that it is painful to walk with sores. However, the moment he meets the people, the pain vanishes.

 The pic published in the national daily shows the sores and infections clearly. But such is his determination that he is continuing to plod on regardless. Those who are seeing YS Jagan from close quarters are astonished by his commitment to the cause and his strong willed trek of 3000 km.

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