YS Jagan consoled Subbarao’s father over phone

Be brave… I am with you…
Y.S.Jagan Mohan Reddy consoled Chavali Subbarao’s father Satyavardhan Rao  over phone as Subbarao attempted for suicide while demanding Special Status to the State. The MLA Jaleel Khan visited Subbarao in Boppanna Hospital where he was undergoing treatment and he informed the incident to Y.S.Jagan over phone, responding to the news Y.S.Jagan spoke to Subbaras’s father and consoled him.

Jagan said that he is fighting to achieve Special Status to the state and assured that till his struggle will not stop until achievement. He cautioned the public not to lose courage and attempt to such deeds. He assured that he will personally visit to see Subbarao. He also assured that he will stand support to Subbarao’s family who was willing to sacrifice his life.
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