YS Jagan broad tour inflood affected areas

leader of Opposition,YSRCP President, YS Jagan has a wide visit in the flood
affected areas. He continued his tour finding about the needs of the people and
their anguish.

At first the Chief Minister didn't
care about the floods and just completed the flood review by aerial view. However,
when he realized that the leader of opposition YS Jagan is touring, he left all
the programs and been on a tour to find about the flood effects in different

The district
administration ordered that all the officers and the complete divisional mechanism
should be with the CM as he is on his tour. According to the rules, during
floods, the district administration mechanism, revenue divisional mechanism
should take initiative and support the flood affected areas and people. If not,
all the officials are to be formed as a groups and take necessary action and
support the people in those areas. But, in contrast, the district administration
is promoting Naidu where as all the officials are asked to stay along with the
CM just for the sake of publicity. For advertising purposes by yellow media, Naidu
is staying in the district for 3 days and making all the officials to stay
along with him.

But, knowing the needs
of people, the leader YS Jagan has traveled on time to support the people. He
planned his schedule to minimize any disruption while he is in the tour to
participate in flood relief operations. He met the people then and there and
asked them about their situations and gave support  by knowing their sorrow.

Even while dealing with
the flood situation, the yellow party is showing the bias. The YSRCP condemn
the action of the ruling party and asked the people to be courageous.  Estimations of loss of crop fields, banana
plantation and the extent of crop loss is recorded. He inquired about the suffering of people due to the flood. People expressed their problem stating
that neglecting the water supply and drainage has got them to this stage.
People complained that they could not get proper support and service. Based on
this situation, Jagan tried to assure the public and asked them to be courageous.

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